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La Vall de Laguar- Programa Agrosfera

Broadcast of the TVE program “Agrosfera” on December 12, 2020. In the following link, specifically at minute 22 you can follow the report about our town, Vall de Laguar. The preferred rural...

Volta per Garga

Volta per Garga La Volta per Garga runs through the sunny area of the Muntanya de Garga and the Serra del Penyó passing through the Barranc de Moragues and the Barranc de les Carrasques, whose water run into the Riu Gorgos. The breadth of the Vall de Pop and the views...

Volta a La Llacuna

Volta a La Llacuna The Volta a la Llacuna has a total length of 8 km. The route goes from terraced environments with rainfed crops (almond, cherry and olive trees) and with different sources of water, origin of the orchards, to rocky environments with bushy...
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