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To the north, the Vall d’Ebo, to the east, the Vall de la Rectoria, to the south, Benigembla and to the west, the Vall d’Alcalà and Castells de Castells. If we join these points we outline an extension of 23.26 Km with an average of 500 meters of altitude. In this suggestive context is the path of small route PR V-147 Barranc de l’Infern, which the Valencian Mountaineering Federation has baptized as “cathedral of the trails”. With its 6,500 steps of Moorish origin it covers 14.5 km of an abrupt landscape.

General Information

Vall de Laguar is a municipality located in the mountainous area of the interior of the Marina Alta, north of the province of Alicante


Between reality and fiction, the legend recalls that in the 15th century a strange woman lived in these valleys, Ezme, who belonged to the last representatives of the Moorish culture