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The gastronomy in Vall de Laguar has an intimate relationship with that of its region and especially with its Moorish origins that so many years lived in this valley and the subsequent Majorcan repopulation.

Some of the tasty dishes you can find:

• Espencat (baked vegetables)
• Coques al forn
• Arròs al forn
• Arròs amb fesols i naps
• Putxero
• Sang amb ceba
• Faves sacsades
• Mandonguilles (Meat balls)

• Bunyols de carabassa
• Pastissets of moniato
• Coca Maria
• Ronyoses
• Carquinyols

Basic ingredients:
• Cherries
• Vegetables and vegetables
• Sausages (black botifarra, red and white llonganissa, sobrassada)
• Almonds
•Olive oil

Where to eat