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General information

Vall de Laguar is a municipality located in the mountainous area of ​​the interior of the Marina Alta, north of the province of Alicante, with an approximate area of ​​23.26 km² and borders the terms of the Vall d’Ebo, Tormos, Orba , Murla, Benigembla, Castell de Castells in its interior part and only 23 km from the coastal area of ​​Denia.

The municipality of La Vall de Laguar is formed by the towns of Benimaurell, Fleix, Campell and Fontilles, whose height above sea level is 437 m, 400 m, 379 m and 300 m respectively.

The natural enclavamiento of the locality and the fact that a great part of its term is mountainous cause that there are propitious places for senderismo like the Barranc de l’Infern crossed by the river Girona, the Mountain range of the Penyó or excursions crossing the sources and springs natural as the Font del Reinós, Font dels Olbis, in whose surroundings a rest area has been built, the Font del Camusot, Font del Penyó where a small recreational area has also been installed, the Font del Poll, the Font del Gel, the Font d’Isber, Font Grossa, Font Figuera, the Font de la Mata, Font de les Carrasques, the Font de l’Olivaret, as well as the own fountains of each one of the municipalities.

Traditionally, agriculture was the basis of the economy but nowadays it has been relegated to the background since the majority of the population works in different localities and tries to orient itself towards the offer of inland tourism. The still existing crops are mainly rainfed, mainly olives, almonds and cherry trees.

The climate of the Marina Alta, even though it is a Mediterranean climate, differs significantly with respect to that of the regions located to the south. The geographical position of the Marina Alta and the configuration of its relief determine a greater softness of the temperatures and a greater pluviometric intensity. The temperatures of La Vall de Laguar are in an intermediate position between those of the coastal strip and those of the interior of the Marina Alta region. The average annual temperature is 17.5 ° C compared to 18 ° C and 19 ° C in Denia and Javea. The average winter temperature has an average of 11.7 ° C and the summer average reaches 25 ° C, although in recent years the maximum temperatures reached in August are 30 ° C.